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Why Pinnacle Online?

The studying environment and approach provides a great place to think and focus on your learning.

Stephanie, Gr 10

Thank you so much Pinnacle! My performance at school has improved substantially and this is because of Pinnacle's tutors who have helped me to learn and improve.

Leticia, Gr 12

Pinnacle helped me a lot in my studies at school and helped me improve my grades.

Danietta, Gr 10

Pinnacle has helped me catch up with topics I didn't completely understand before.

Andrea, Gr 11

Pinnacle has improved my ability in Math. The teachers are friendly, and learning is fun! Thank you for your guidance during these years.

Shantia, Gr 12

Pinnacle has helped me become a better student in school. This gradually came about after their amazing teachers helped me improve and achieve the scores that I had always hoped for.

Andina, Gr 9

Initially, I was struggling to grasp concepts within the course. Pinnacle helped me to simplify these concepts and provided additional information that helped me excel. I would recommend Pinnacle to students who are struggling with their courses in school.

John, Gr 12

Professional Team

Pinnacle is run and managed by a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in Education and Training. We have been delivering academic tutoring sessions for IB and CIE under the “Pinnacle Learning Centre” brand since 2011.

Supports Active Learning

Our core values are centered around providing a personalized, interactive and comprehensive student engagement that supports “active learning”.

Student Confidence

In building a students subject confidence, trust and engagement with the tutor, we aim to deliver an “active learning” experience for every student with a strong focus on ensuring excellence in performance.

International Curriculums

We understand the demanding requirements of international curriculums and have consistently delivered high quality tutoring to thousands of students.

Trained Tutors

Our tutors are trained in teaching international curriculums (IB & CIE). Tutoring sessions aim to revisit concepts where required and ensure that the learning fundamentals on specific topics are clear at each stage.

SMART Learning

The Pinnacle SMART learning program has been specially designed to provide a focused, yet balanced learning experience for students, helps nurture and foster confidence.

What do you need to get started?

Touch Screen Laptop / Tablet

Headset With Audio (For Two-Way Communication)

Stylus Pen for Touch Screen

Download Zoom Client To Your Laptop / Tablet

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