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Tentang Bimbingan Kami

Bimbingan untuk IB & amp; Kurikulum CIE Persiapan Ujian & amp; Revisi Topik Bantuan dengan Pekerjaan Rumah

Grade 6 to 12

Our academic tutoring focuses on students in Grades 6 to 12 only. All of our tutoring sessions are designed to be easy to follow and, give precedence in ensuring that every student understand the topic fundamentals at each stage of his learning so that subject concepts are clear before progress to the next topic / grade.

IB Curriculum - MYP / IBDP

Pinnacle has been consistently delivering tutoring for the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum since 2011. During this period our teams have acquired substantial competence in the requirements of this demanding curriculum. Our tutors are trained to deliver tutoring sessions for both the IB MYP and IBDP students. Tutors are also familiar with the specific needs for IB SL and HL Math.

CIE (Cambridge) Curriculum - IGCSE / AS-Level / A-Level

Pinnacle has substantial competence in providing tutoring for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum. At each stage of the CIE program, especially in Grades 10 to 12, students are challenged with testing their capability with the stringent standards and requirements of the IGCSE, AS and A-Level examinations.

Topic Revision / Practice Questions for Exam Preparation

Students attending our Online Tutoring sessions can opt for focused sessions on Revision of certain key topics, including challenging topics like calculus, exponential functions, trigonometry, vectors, probability and statistics. Likewise, students can also opt to focus their sessions on reviewing practice questions in preparing for their examinations.

Online personalized (1on1) sessions of 60min duration

Pinnacle understands that every student learns differently, and our tutors are trained to understand these needs and adapt the sessions so that they are personalized in their delivery. All our online sessions are of 1-on-1 format and utilize high quality delivery platforms to ensure that each 60 minute session is immersive and of value to every student.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that school schedules including after-school activities can often disrupt a students’ planned learning programs – such as tutoring. Therefore, our packages are designed to be deliverable across an entire month (30 days) and can be rescheduled any number of times as long as they are cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the original schedule. This allows the student flexibility in planning his sessions and enables Pinnacle to use available sessions to maximize student needs.

Recommended Participation

Based on our experience of delivering high quality tutoring sessions to thousands of students in the past, we have observed that students who are regular in participation at their tutoring sessions, benefit tremendously from these. We encourage all student to attend at least two (2) tutoring sessions in Math every week to get the highest benefit from their extended learning.

Online Tutor support for help with Math (IB/CIE) homework

Students of Pinnacle Online can also avail of support from our qualified tutors for “Help with Homework” as part of a scheduled tutoring sessions. Students who wish to avail of this support, need to indicate their specific requirements for this when scheduling their sessions (in the Notes field). Our tutors understand that homework can often be challenging and a little guidance in this benefits the student with their ability to keep pace with the class – as also provides peace of mind!

Tutoring materials are aligned with the latest IB/CIE curriculum

Both the IB and CIE Boards are continually making changes to their curriculums – often on a yearly basis, and every few years undergo major changes to the overall subject curriculum. These are designed to ensure that the subject curriculum remains relevant with modern day needs and developments within various topics. Pinnacle ensure that we keep track of these changes and work to keep all of our training materials aligned with the latest versions of the IB and CIE curriculums.

Student can email questions to review with tutor during session

Pinnacle Online students can send in questions either via email either at the time of session booking or during the ongoing tutoring session for help with reviewing these with our experienced tutors. To benefit from the limited time available per 60 minute session, we do encourage our students to share their questions in advance with the tutor so that our tutors come prepared with an adequate brief and students can avail the session time with their tutor, more judiciously.

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